Our 2017 Trip is Successful, and Complete

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It’s amazing how quickly we adjusted into life in San Antonio. Tortillas for breakfast, lunch, and dinner are deliciously normal (How many tortillas are too many? Ask Alice, the Food BlogHer). Children regularly came through the outdoor kitchen saying hello and looking over our shoulders as we reviewed our photo stock made us laugh and smile. Play time is the best time for kids big and small, and Jazmin especially is always ready for a game of soccer.

David and Alice took a hike with some of the kids, photo gear in tow, and explored high hills and dirt roads in the sun. The drone in particular was mesmerizing experience; this strange thing that can fly only at David’s command. (The footage captured is amazing by the way…)

Jazmin’s uncle took her and Rachel on a trip to Guatemala City to pick up some supplies for the week, and had breakfast at a small comedor. More tortillas, no complaints. Simple scrambled eggs, black beans, crema, and salsa picante were perfect. The trip was long with traffic, but it was worth it for the sights and sound of the small country. It’s funny how used you can get to bumpy dirt roads, and how little you care. It’s all part of the experience, right?

Wednesday was the most important day for us and the students; it was the day we were handing out donated backpacks and school supplies. It was sunny and hot, and the families gathered round as Jazmin spoke about our program.

“It’s a blessing to have everyone here today, I feel so much gratitude because I have the opportunity to speak to you this morning and to witness how far we have come. Let’s keep working together as a community so we can make sure our kids have a brighter future. Like Mother Teresa said, ‘I can do things you cannot do and you can do things that I cannot.’ Together we can do great things.”

Alice and Rachel handed out the backpacks and supplies to expectant students with huge, contagious smiles. “Gracias, gracias,” said mothers and children. We smiled back and said, “De nada,” though we were just as thankful for this opportunity to help. David became “Tio Gringo” to one little girl, Allison, donning a new pink backpack, almost the same size as her. Thumbs up, niña.

Notebooks, pens and pencils, markers, pencil sharpeners, folders, and more were all made possible by the generous donations of Programa Sueños supporters. To understand the impact our North Fork community has made, you have to visit the village of San Antonio. Seeing is believing, and the experience is unmatched. Our annual week-long trip seems to have flown by in just hours, and some of our team is just getting to know these amazing people.

Thank you to the people of San Antonio and our supporters. Goodbyes are always difficult, but we will be back.

In the coming days our team will be sharing their individual experiences on the blog.

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